Pilence Pee (Пиленце Пее) (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)


Pilence Pee (Пиленце Пее)

Дей, гиди, пушка-бойлия?
Дей, гиди, сабя-френгия?
В равно ми поле, широко
Зад поле гора зелена.
Във гора дърво високо,
Високо и стволовато.
На дърво пиле - славейче
Пиленце пее, говори:
Кой има либе хубаво
Да либи, да се налиби,
Че идат години размирни,
Да не му жалба остане.
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A birdie is singing

النسخ: #1#2
Where is the long rifle1?
Where is the French sabre2?
There is a plane wide field.
There’s a green forest behind the field.
In the forest a tall tree.
Tall and with a big trunk.
On the tree, there is a birdie, a little nightingale;
The birdie is singing, talking:
- Those who have beautiful beloved ones
Let make love to them and never have enough,
Because turbulent years are coming,
So he won’t regret later.
  • 1. From turkish word ‘boy’-‘size’, usually means with a size of a man
  • 2. I don’t know how this ‘frengiya’ , meaning 'French' has entered our language. In other songs and epics the sabre was called “damaskinya”, meaning “made in Damascus”
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