Po tramvainym relsam (По трамвайным рельсам) (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجمالإنكليزية

(Walking) By the Tram Rails

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Well, let us go for a walk by the tram rails
Take a little rest sitting on the pipes by the side of the highway
We will breathe thick black smoke instead of warm summer breeze,
Traffic lights will light up our way instead of guiding star.
If we have enough luck, we won't have to go back into our cages 'til the evening.
We have to learn to dig ourselves into the ground in three minutes,
And we will wait there while the black cars will go above us
Taking away those who didn't want to lie in the mud
If we have enough time, we'll keep crawling over the tram rails
You will see the sky, and I will see the mud on your feet
We'll have to burn our clothes in the stove if we manage to come back
If the "blue caps"[*] don't get us at the doors
And if they do, don't tell them that we have spent this day walking by the tram rails
It's a sure sign of crime and/or mental illness
And the Iron Felix[**] will grin at us from a portrait
It would be a good, fair punishment for those who walk by the tram rails
They will kill us for walking by the tram rails
[*]blue caps = police
[**]Yanka refers to Felix Dzerzhinsky
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Po tramvainym relsam (По трамвайным рельсам)