Puskay ty vypita drugim ( Пускай ты выпита другим) (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)


Puskay ty vypita drugim ( Пускай ты выпита другим)

Пускай ты выпита другим,
Но мне осталось, мне осталось
Твоих волос стеклянный дым
И глаз осенняя усталость.
О возраст осени! Он мне
Дороже юности и лета.
Ты стала нравиться вдвойне
Воображению поэта.
Я сердцем никогда не лгу,
И потому на голос чванства
Бестрепетно сказать могу,
Что я прощаюсь с хулиганством.
Пора расстаться с озорной
И непокорною отвагой.
Уж сердце напилось иной,
Кровь отрезвляющею брагой.
И мне в окошко постучал
Сентябрь багряной веткой ивы,
Чтоб я готов был и встречал
Его приход неприхотливый.
Теперь со многим я мирюсь
Без принужденья, без утраты.
Иною кажется мне Русь,
Иными - кладбища и хаты.
Прозрачно я смотрю вокруг
И вижу, там ли, здесь ли, где-то ль,
Что ты одна, сестра и друг,
Могла быть спутницей поэта.
Что я одной тебе бы мог,
Воспитываясь в постоянстве,
Пропеть о сумерках дорог
И уходящем хулиганстве.
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Though You've Been Drunk by Someone Else

Though you've been drunk by someone else,
You've left me, you've left me
The glassy smoke of your hair
And the autumnal tiredness of my eyes.
Oh age of autumn! For me,
You're more dear than youth and summer.
You've become twice as attractive
To the imagination of a poet.
I never lie when speaking from my heart,
And so, in response to the voice of conceit,
I can fearlessly say
That I'm forsaking my rowdiness.
It's time to say goodbye to my mischievous
And unyielding courage.
My heart has now drank another
Wort, which sobers my blood.
My window has already been touched
By September's scarlet willow branch.
He wants me to be ready
For his unassuming arrival.
I can live with many things now,
Of my own free will and without a sense of loss.
Russia appears different to me,
As do the cemeteries and the cottages.
As I look around with a clear gaze,
I see that here, or there, or somewhere,
You alone, sister and friend,
Could have been a poet's companion.
You're the only one for whom I,
Brought up with a belief in faithfulness,
Could sing of shadowy roads,
And my disappearing rowdiness.
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Alexander LaskavtsevAlexander Laskavtsev    الثلاثاء, 06/10/2015 - 05:48

Thank you!
Thanks to this translation I've learned a lot of new English words. Regular smile

OpalMoonOpalMoon    الأربعاء, 07/10/2015 - 00:00

I'm glad you liked it. Regular smile

Gadged HackwrenchGadged Hackwrench    الأحد, 22/09/2019 - 11:42

Excuse me! I I have no intend to offence you. But I should write this. The collocation "you've left me" doesn't have an appropriate meaning. "You've left me" means that she left him. But the author sad that despite the fact that she isn't young and there was another man in her life, there is something (her eyes and hair) that he still likes about her.
It's better to say "something remained for me".
In the sentence "And the autumnal tiredness of my eyes." he is talking about her eyes. So, there should be "your eyes".
And also there are more comments. That's why I recommend you to work on this more.