Querido papá (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

Dear Dad

You looked tall, so very tall, when I was very small.
You were my gentle giant, my playmate.
While you counted very slowly, I hid in the hallway,
and how we laughed when you finally found me.
You were big; you were very strong; you inspired respect.
You were my magic steed trotting through the sky.
I climbed into your shoes and tried not to fall;
I felt like the king of the world taking giant steps.
It was beautiful, so very beautiful,
I remember and I'm telling you:
You were a perfect example.
You were my best friend.
But one day, little by little, without knowing the reason,
you started coming home late and mom suffered with you.
Later, I woke up frightened by your screams.
I noticed that you were very nervous and didn't want to talk to me.
Sometimes you hit me; your words were harsh,
and my life was filled with fear and doubt.
It was hard, so very hard,
I hated you and I'm telling you:
You were my fallen idol,
my torture, my enemy.
To me, having your blood was almost a curse,
but after all it's the same blood that runs through my veins,
and now, father, I'm writing you like I did when I was little,
like when you held my hand in your dreams.
I'm now very confused;
I'm crying as I write to you;
I haven't stopped hoping;
Father, I've always loved you.
It was beautiful, so very beautiful,
I talk about it with my kids.
Father, I don't know what to say to you.
I just want to be your friend.
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Querido papá

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