Radka mayka si dumashe (Радка майка си думаше) (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)


Radka mayka si dumashe (Радка майка си думаше)

Радка майка си думаше:
- Яз ще се, мамо, оженя.
Омръзнало ми е, мамо ма,
Лете по чужди чакъми,
Зиме по чужди станове.
Ще взема, мамо, Никола,
Никола - баш болярина.
Той има ниви безкрайни.
Радкината стара майчица
Тя си на Радка думаше:
- Не вземай, Радке, Никола,
Никола - баш болярина,
Че той е, Радке, изедник.
Не знае делник ни празник,
Ни кога е света Неделя.
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Radka was talking to her mother

Radka was talking to her mother:
- I'll get, mommy, married.
I'm fed up, mommy, with
Harvesting someone else's crop in the Summer,
And living in someone else's house in the Winter.
I'll take for a husband, mommy, Nikola,
Nikola - the big land owner1.
He has endless wheat fields.
Radka's old mom
Said to Radka:
- Don't take, Radka, Nikola,
Nikola - the big land owner,
Because he is a tyrant2
He doesn't know if it is a workday or holiday,
Nor when is Holy Sunday3.
  • 1. Literally is "the great boyar" but the bulgarian aristocracy was beheaded by the Ottoman rulers so here the meaning is just a rich person
  • 2. Usually this word is used exactly for rich people who oppressed and exploited poor people during the Ottoman slavery in Bulgaria
  • 3. The day when Jesus has resurrected, Easter. This means that this guy doesn't beleive in god, a great sin at the time
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