Reko sam joj (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

I Told Her

Chat up was bad, folks I wont bore you with that
I used a few funny lines, she gave me her number, told me her name
I wated for her after work, you know made in Bosnia kind of love
she, a nice girl, me, wearing a Vietnam jacket, all snotty and fluffy
those parks, that bench, cafes, hurmasicas and baklavas
beer and wine with the crowd, and a joint, new years celebrated together
in our rented flat, but everyone has a flaw or two
people nervous because of their jobs, you know how they snap easily
so I told her sorry, but she called me a jerk
you still doubt me, this relationship is a disaster, I'm not your dog
you can't control me, keep killing me with your jealousy
I won't ever be with you again, I told her, you know what? leave
**** you and you him, I've had enough, I don't get calls from my colleague
three times a day, I can't be calm about it for god's sake
I've had enough of sh*t, it's not possible that it's on his way so he drops you off from work each day
you know... I love you
I told her I love you, we've already been together for three years
f*ck it, I know we are sub tenants and that our place looks like a shed
but since we've been living together, I'm taking better care of my self
because gosh i care about us and you know that I really care about you
I love you you know just the way you are, you don't know how to prepare food
I never enjoyed a relationship like this one
I'm not interested in other women, I love you and I'd like you to marry me
what do ya say? me and you together?
I told her, here, you decide on the name
this first one will be as you wish, and I will choose for second one
but make it big, manly, for a centre-forward
like Safet Sušić, well actually you know what, it doesn't have to be
just don't give him some ***** name so that everyone would tease him in school
ah well, name him as you please just as long as it's nice and healthy
our little child...
I told her, what's wrong with you, I'm not having an affair
would I for gods sake risk our marriage and our beautiful children
calm down for gods sake, don't shout, she only works with me, confides in my once in a while
young girl, f*cked up, even she doesn't know she wants out of life
don't cry because when I see you, I want to cry too
that day was the first time in my life that I lied, and to her of all people
Then I told him, look daddy loves you, loves mummy too
but once in a while we argue and then make a fuss
like when you and Damir play with a ball in front of the house, you know?
but he said they make peace and then tomorrow play ball again
but look, mummy is very very angry at daddy
and then daddy must go away for a while until she stops being angry
you should know that your daddy loves you and gives you timid kisses
folks, never in my life have I cried like that
Then I told her, I've stopped drinking, I miss you and our little one
I even miss vacuuming our f*ckin carpet
f*ck it, I screwed up and got screwed
and I know that you still love me too, Boris told me the other day
Tena told me you got rid of the jerk.. sh*t!
I can't believe it how could you've been with him?
what shame on me? shame on you! is he a good f*ck?
tell him not to come near our kids
go to hell (*), you won't be humiliating me
three months later you go and f*ck another
see you in court and kids will be mine
like they always have been, make a fool out of him, did you hear me?
Do you see yourself now? do you see them now?
all good and ugly shows up every night when I close my eyes
only doubt because lies are my only memories
a few irreplaceable moments, but happiness seems not to last long
I miss you no matter what
this is meaningless, it's really sad
all that tears, all that hurts, entire story like idiots
what is happiness when you love and can't exist
beside the person with whom life brings much more
I spin around the room as if I have no brain
we are going down, loving and hating in the same time
kids are watching us, what a foul and what a misery....
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Reko sam joj

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