Please translate Jeannie Moviestar

  • الفنان: Mark Ashley
  • ألبوم: Heartbreak Boulevard
  • الأغنية: Jeannie Moviestar
  • طلب: الإنكليزية → الرومانية

Jeannie Moviestar

A lonely night in paradise
My heart has gone astray
I'm stranded in the shadows of your love
Old memories are cold as ice
A dream will fade away
What can I do – I'm longing for your love
Oh I can run but I can't hide
The broken world behind my smile
And I can't stop what I feel
Only you can heal my love

Baby come back
Why did you break my lonely heart
Baby I'm missing you
My Jeannie Moviestar
I know my love is where you are
Baby come back
It's not the point of no return
Baby I'm feeling down
I sell the world for you
Nobody loves you like I do

I can't forget you my little Lady
You were my Jeannie Moviestar
I'm feeling sad – Baby love is crazy
And you are always in my heart – in my heart

The midnight rain is falling down
A dream will take my pain
I'm captured in the time of yesterday
A lonely road in Heartbreak town
The wind has called your name
What can I do – I know I'll lose my way

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