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Sáng nay mưa (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

  • الفنان: Jang Mi (Vietnam) (Bùi Bảo Trang)
  • الأغنية: Sáng nay mưa
    1 ترجمة
طلب تصويب الأخطاء
إلى الإنكليزية ترجمالإنكليزية

This morning it rains

This morning it rains, every drop is sparse
This morning it rains, do you miss me?
This morning it is rainy and windy
I only wish you could hold my hand and promise
Will never deceit me
Neither will keep me waiting long
Will always admit that you are wrong
Although sometimes we do not know who is
It's sunny and it's raining
People are sometimes happy and sometimes sad
Love is sometimes as sweet as new
Then also sometimes suddenly rain falls
The story of the two of us is the same
Love vibrates while standing while sitting
The story of children practicing to be adults
Grudge then will love each other more
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Just a literal translation trying to preserve the structure of the original lyrics.

كاتب الترجمة يطلب التصحيح، بمعنى أنه سيكون سعيدا لتلقي التعديلات والاقتراحات حول ترجمته، إن كنت محترفا في كلتا اللغتين فتعليقاتك ستكون موضع ترحيب

Sáng nay mưa

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