Schmeiß den Gasherd an (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجمالإنكليزية

Fire up the gas stove

[Produced by Jimmy Torrio]
[Co-Produced by b∆Zz∆zi∆n & STI]
Fire up the gas stove, yet I'm cold
(Yet I'm cold!)
The devil whispers: "This world revolves around Millions" (this world revolves around Millions!)
Pot on the flame, cook the material (cook the material!)
Dear God, forgive because I must and don't want to sin
[Part 1]
Where are you from? Tell me, where are you going?
Come on, are you jester or king?
Do you want to be the king and live in a castle
Or an average citizen who lives for his' job
Riding in the white horse or prefer to carry bags?
Drive a Mercedes SLS or ride the Train?
Rather be an assembley worker or be the boss?
What a question, take out the hammer, knock the flex small
Best right on the kilo, nothing with "tranquilo"
Á la Latino Brasil, win the Cat from cocaino
Baking powder in the pot
What cops, I'm just doing my job
The pit bull starts barking because the door is knocking right now
[Hook] (x2)
[Part 2]
Where are you from? Tell me, where are you going?
You have problems? Cho, that's the way it is
Do you see the devil in the flame coming out of the gas stove?
The eyes are demon red, confused from the Haze and Arbia
Two days not slept
Jack Daniels in stomach
By the liter there is still more
The main thing, I count cash
Frankfurt main station - hookers, junkies, red light
I'm in deep, bitch, while I press the Mercedes
The pedal to the metal, the car paint black matte
Dull in the head, driver's license - nada
Head lash on Bukhâri, hunting for Money
Call me a.k.a. Tijara
Give me your money and your butter
[Hook] (x2)
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Schmeiß den Gasherd an

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