Señor Martinez Mondragon's bekännelse (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

Señor Martinez Mondragon's confession

We left our camp
before the sun broke out,
we were eleven privates
and a captain in our unit.
We went towards Nicaragua,
and reached the border at 7:00,
and already by 8:00
we came to the first village.
Our assignment was to recruit
farmers from the village,
but it seemed that most
of them had already found time to flee.
We found only one who hid
in the well in a town square
When we found him we cut
the end of the rope, mostly as a joke.
He could not swim,
lt became serious in time;
His wife stood and yowled
like she was a dog.
We dragged him out of the water
and we demanded some answer,
among other things of
where the others had gone.
He shook his head
and hit out with his arms.
he was knocked down by the captain
with a kick in the intestines;
The poor one began to cry
and beg for his children
and he swore by everything holy
that he had no answer.
The interrogation led nowhere,
in spite of threats of all sorts.
The interrogation leader captain,
soon lost his patience;
he hissed out an order,
a few soldiers came forth.
and soon the wife lay tied up
in the square's hot sand.
They raped his wife carefully,
I remember there were three.
Her husband became so upset
that he must be quieted down;
Unfortunately he took the beating badly,
perhaps he was a little delicate.
because when the whole thing was over,
the farmer was in fact dead.
When the woman was released she screamed
that she must also die.
She clawed herself in the crotch
so her dress became red;
I couldn't watch it,
I must look away
but the captain took his responsibility,
and he made the suffering short.
I had a hard time gradually to
understand what happened myself;
One can refer to every war's
brutalizing effects,
It can be a partial explanation
that I am not a Sandinist,
but I don't think myself that it makes
the story less sad.
We murdered two poor ones,
that is am eternal shame;
But I hope that I can be allowed
to compensate what I can.
So with the jury's good memory
I want to meet their children,
and I will do everything I can express
to honor their mother and father,
I stand in all the events
to your disposal;
I have suspended myself voluntarily,
I don't murder any more.
I now renounce the Contras,
the CIA, and the Pentagon,
and the men who bought me
in the far away Washington."
...they left their camp
before the Sun broke through,
they were 10 privates
and a captain in his unit.
They walked towards Nicaagua,
the border was reached at 7:00.
and already by 8:00
they came to the next village...
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Björn Afzelius wrote the folloring notes in his 95 Sånger (95 Songs) book:

"Jag satt en dag på stranden i Italien och läste Herald Tribune. På sidan sju redovisades ett förhörsprotokoll från Nicaragua. En Contrasoldat hade fått nog av sin egen verksamhet och frivilligt överlämnat sig till Sandanistregererigen i Managua. När jag läst artiklen frös jag som en hund i solskenet. Jag lämnade stranden och gick hem och skrev texten direkt ur tidningen. Offret i sången Ar bara två av de femtiotusen dodade nicaraguanska bönder, vilkas liv Ronald Reagan har på sin samvete - om han nu haft en sådant."

"One day I sat on the beach in Italy and read the Herald Tribune. On page seven was reported an interrogation minutes from Nicaragua. A Contra soldier had had enough of his own activities and freely surrendered himself to the Sandinista regime in Managua. When I read the article, I froze like a dog in the sunlight. I left the beach and went home and wrote the lyrics direct out of the newspaper. The victims in the song are only 2 of 50,000 dead Nicaraguan farmers, whose lives Ronald Reagan has on his conscience if he had such a thing now."

Björns Afzelius' comments from the slbum ”Björn Afzelius & Mikael Wiehe”,1986:

"Martinez Mondragon var personlig livvakt för Nicaraguas tidigare diktator Somoza. Efter sandinisternas seger blev Mondragon contras-soldat. Efter några års strider blev han den förste officer som använde sig av sandinisternas amnesti. Vid en presskonferens i Managua redogjorde han för sina skäl att hoppa av Contras. Denna sång är en del av hans berättelse."

"Martinez Mondragon was the personal bodyguard for Nicaragua's earlier dictator, Somoza. After the Sandanists conquered, Mondragon because the Contra's soldier. After several years of conflict he became the first officer who used Sandinist's amnesty. At a press conference in Manague, he reported about his rreasons to leave the Contras. This song is a part of his confession."


Señor Martinez Mondragon's bekännelse

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