Sin Rumbo Fijo (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم


It's a common story...
The daily routine begins, the lady goes for a walk.
Her young son gets ready and washes his face.
He has to attend classes and study.
Around the corner, the boy looks at one young man in particular,
with a somewhat strange look, bruises on his face,
but he doesn't dare to ask.
That young man's cries aren't heard,
He wears his hood with loads of fear.
Fear, because his grandmother is already bedridden
and no longer fights to be saved by the Lord.
He goes on and greets the baker, a friend of his grandparents,
who begs God to give him a new spirit
and is already tired of so much complexity.
He feels inferior because all of the money is gone.
A gunman enters the bakery
which is empty and he doesn't find anything to steal.
Frustrated, and surprised, he shoots him in the head,
and gets away fast on his motorcycle before anything happens.
He's dominated by rage and infected by nostalgia,
but he must keep moving to avoid the cops.
He wants revenge for his brother's death
and goes out to steal daily to provide for two kids.
On that route, a couple argued
while driving a car through the city,
the woman screaming at the man while he drove
and he changes the topic to avoid his infidelity.
He stops in front of a traffic light a moment
And a hungry dog steps in front of the cars
it's a purebred, but thrown out in the street...
'cause the owners couldn't afford to feed it.
It suddenly runs off, the light turns green
and the cars don't stop, no lucky breaks.
It approaches the same old alley
and lies down next to his best friend the vagrant.
They're the examples of terror..
of pain, of resentment ...
Society is nourished on its own convenience
While time completely wipes out our love.
Humanity is
suffering a crucifixion
In the name of the
Father and the Son!
We navigate through our puzzle...
aimlessly. X2
Reality is subjective when you think
that no one can go through what you did...
Start justifying what you feel better,
maybe you don't know if you're really happy...
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Sin Rumbo Fijo

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