Snakehips - Gucci Rock N Rolla

  • الفنان: Snakehips
  • فنان مفضل: Rivers Cuomo, Kyle
  • ألبوم: TBA (2019)

Gucci Rock N Rolla

I'm not cool, fucked up on my school days
I skipped class, drop-out since the 7th grade
Those fools, lookin' at me sideways
No clue, I could get it my way
I was faded in the daylight
Elevated up in Cloud Nine
I don't need no one to get by
If you wanna judge me that's fine
'Cause I'm all lit up in my mind
Yeah I'm headed for the good life
Feelin' like a baller
Gucci Rock N Rolla
Never gettin' older
I'm a Gucci Rock N Rolla
Yo, look, in the club one time
I'm just really tryna feel the love one time
Everybody tryna be Judge Joe Brown
Let me do me would you be so kind
Woah oh, me oh my
Been big list since 305
Your vibe whack like TSA
Crashin' the scene like CSI
And baby don't come at me crazy
'Cause I live my life like
However I like, like
I was rich as Jay-Z or Rick Rubin
Who's mad who ain't point proven
Self drive Tesla I'm cruisin'
Time to bring those ooh-oohs in
I don't really care what you think of me
As long as I got nothing I got everything
Chorus [x 2]
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