Somos De Calle Remix (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم


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If I'm on the street,
What I am is not gangster or thug, (Welcome to the remix!)
Make no mistake,
Nor pliers or papaya,
I am a singer, (History baby!)
She proves it in my song,
Nobody envy
So God blessed me,
I have money,
No need to throw,
A no bastard ...
I am Arcangel (prrraa!)
Magician in this stupid,
The ná effortlessly disappear,
So keep quiet,
What if you get caught by my alley they'll send a rafagazo,
Be quiet, (PR!)
Arcangel wonder star of your failure ...
You know that we street, (Daddy!)
There are breeding and heart, (Making history!)
Feel the fire, (Making history!)
The rules of the game I put them ... (You want more pressure, ha!)
(You know my time is it, you know my time is it Daddy!)
We are the streets,
There cria y corazon, (They joined forces!)
Feel the fire, (De La Ghezzy!)
The rules of the game I put them ...
I am not a thug but pull when necessary,
I will not be reckless just a neighborhood talent,
Make no mistake, I also have guns in my inventory
And in the newspaper obituaries in the section,
Tell your corillo several,
To the cowards who instead of balls seem to have ovaries,
As a child, I lived the street every day,
Change the glock by the microphone,
Now kill the scene ...
Baby, develop, and it was not my fault,
Villa Spain and La Perla joceando to day,
Siquitria killed my partner,
He knows that!?
That this death could have been mine ...
One who breaks the rules, the rule is Rompele face,
Piglets that steal, hand afuerza piCal bulletproof
To see his face dropping tears of deceit,
You need insecticide
Mosquitoes that carry dengue and pervete boconeo,
Respect is not recovered when the fogoneo,
My street is street and my city is worse,
I'm from Ponce,
My street is native Puerto Rican above snore ...
I'm from the street
Hell yeah, I'm from the block,
Where niggas got big guns the pack And get your ass drop,
Where jocear and learn to make money,
Also where we learn that the lives of sincere ready,
Yeah, we are in the top of the cops,
No matter if I want to give time in federal
Ah, ah, yeah,
Total'm a neighborhood talent,
And I keep a daily block, nigga!
You know you're street, (Daddy! PR!)
There cria y corazon, (We are the ones who command the pitch)
Feel the fire,
The rules of the game I put them ... (The popular favorite!)
We are the streets,
There are breeding and heart,
Feel the fire, (Julio Voltio!)
The rules of the game I put them ... (Hey I Voltage)
So before you go,
I'm dumb, blind and deaf,
And I walk quietly but abortion is a riot,
In my car on the trails are covered with an awning,
Many fat cats Guillao escraches,
The neighborhoods, farmhouses, cough are equal (of course!)
There's always cops thousand abnormal
The point, rifles, enemies, the federal
When problems occur, uhmm, no one leaves ...
For women give money ass,
The Bichot, the gangster, the pimp,
The world is yours
The shit is that everyone thinks like you and me,
To the world wants to seek its own,
There are murmurs that start,
Pelias by strapping for chabos for drugs,
And they say it with pride,
You nailed the dame,
They kill you back, (Come on!)
This is a jungle, (Chyno Ny!)
Nobody saves you ... (Yo!)
Many aspire to bring this kind of life,
Here the options do not change and poverty obliges me,
We do not tolerate Listeria,
If you cops in the mouth if you are an eater in the stomach,
Many say they are but veer lines,
Street and say they have yet to see the avenue,
Calm jaw chattering,
You have no heart or the Valentine's Day ...
You know that we are of street
There cria y corazon,
Feel the fire,
The rules of the game I put them ...
We are the street (Okay, you want more tension then!?)
There cria y corazon, (Hey I Coscu! Come on man!)
Feel the fire, (I Got Your Back Man)
The rules of the game I put them ... (LET THEM KNOW)
I'm already tired of hearing the stories of Bichot, fekas,
From time and equipment down kilos of butter in my suitcase,
A microphone inside the cable Huddy,
And the guy shooting half to Tecate in the Churil,
Loco, people believe that they are current and breeding,
They assemble fifteen pa rob a bakery,
Click battery and go without the dyes in the Kia,
For those insecterias strip the day left ...
In the neighborhood we all know as the smoke bat
There are many underground for making blunders,
You put your number or you pa start rowing,
This is PR, you know how we do ... (The Plus 40!)
I'm putting my mouth is burning your name on record,
And until I saw you coming out with pal filled vest
He trembles when in the neighborhood sound wolves
You gave him as many as twelve, but you looked into my eyes?
Oyeme these people if trili and make me laugh,
Looking for life but will be ash necklaces,
Or will align or ghosts in the breeze,
Temperature, if Yankee's clothes as pieces ...
You know you're street, (Daddy Yankee is not a singer ...)
There cria y corazon, (Daddy Yankee is the movement!)
Feel the fire,
The rules of the game I put them ... (Ladies and gentlemen!)
We are the street (He appreciates the support the head ...)
There cria y corazon, (closing with a flourish!)
Feel the fire,
The rules of the game I put them ... (Breaking the rules!)
Hey guns chamako if not so crowded,
They eat alive anyone who will climb the chops,
Spreading fear with your madness,
But do not respect you, Daddy, and the tall fucker,
You passed the limit,
A toad can not pee in the land of princes,
In war you were involved,
You put him much voltage to the index finger ...
Now your head is by auction,
They are offering cash, kilos and notebooks, Baby Rasta,
Chest as hot pal rum Ñejo,
Or die like a brave man or live like a jerk,
Just as this thing my neighbors
Rather easy as you have lunch with Chinese rice Peeper,
You fly the eyebrows, the movie's live Guelo,
Hail To Fire Arcangel De La Ghetto ...
We dictate,
The rules street
From 80 to infinity,
Puerto Rico,
The creators of urban movement ...
Talento de Barrio!
Once again!
The Boss!
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Somos De Calle Remix

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