Strigă (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم


And shout, shout when you miss someone,
Slowly you let me go and I die.
To start all over again like a child, to hope.
And shout, shout only at the sky
To raise up, to hope
But I’ll leave to search the path I once was on.
The end of the month seems like a nightmare when the bills come,
The money in the pockets of your folks disappear,
The same broken record can be heard at home again:
“Well, where should be get the money, where should we get the money?”
You tell her: “Mother, don’t be so upset,”
“Father, come on, let us be again the family
Who on Sunday would sit together at the table”
And from almost nothing grandma would make the tastiest meal
“Come on, mother, don’t cry, we’ll manage,
Father, please don’t drink everything we’ve got home”
Even if we don’t have money for the utilities
You can’t buy another family with meal tickets.
Your father keeps on yelling, you know it, he keeps talking,
He says his home is not a hotel and maybe he’d slap you.
You slam the door to his face, you fake a smile,
It seems like you lie to each other,
You say to him: “Cut it out, father, you terrorized me,
You don’t have to say it ten times, I got it, s**t!
Your mother has got a strange look, you are too distracted,
She always asks you if you’re drunk, if you had smoked,
But it’s been a long time since you smoked,
What drugs, man, even tobacco is expensive,
I’ve got red eyes because I’m tired,
How can you make money, you try hard every night.
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