Sway (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم


I empty a Carls1 in a lift again
Does it come down to a shift again
Will it end up on my attic again
Will it end up being rude again
I empty a Thor2 like a handyman
Pretend whatever I can
It happens I blend ab-juice
Hands blending with holding ones tongue
I empty a schnapps and a shot gun
Under a scum a bit of mean bragging
I buckle my glove and my antler
Burn a bridge that could lead to more
I empty a Hof2 with carafe water
Nap for while in wonderland
Turn it around so you're soft again
Friends turns to enemies, it's tough indeed
Sway! Sway!
I empty a Star2 on a shaft again
Runner and hit hit fast again
Costumers who everts their soul in tension
Wondering why and wondering when
I send it into my mouth again
Senna's a dead race dead for men
I know that game, I've got flair for, my friend
When I'm a Snoop Dog diggin' for skin
Sway! Sway!
When we dash afoot while we yell sway!
We turn Norns bloody while they yell sway!
When we catch one fresh on an action sway
When we kick at Mærsk3 and at Herning
When I throw a bomb with blood in sway!
While you dial a foot with a club in sway!
When I break a glass sword from Kodak sway!
While you put a needle in a haystack
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This lyric is full of wordplay, both with words that in Danish have different meaning and spelling but sound the same and with changing words around in Danish idioms. All this doesn't translate into English and leaves the translation without much meaning. I hope it's somehow useful anyway.



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