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We lost

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The clouds is in sad black color
Shot rain is weeping for us
My hope dead, time is flying away
Separation is the lord, we are servants of it
Your hands dead in mine
It was wounded bird that was afraid
It flew from love that over
I'd like to say - «nobody stopping you»
But in my throat is lump, I lost my words
I never be in love until death
Because my heart lost in my body
Angels will came from white heavens
They are saving you: prayers, wishes
But I am far away, on end of passion
Every day of mine is covering in your loneliness
I with you – not ending story
We are walking on different roads
It is life
You blew in the distance as fast wind
I'll live with dead rose in my heart by years.
If it is life!
We are sleeping in different evenings
And then grew up in different mornings
Saying that love is mistake,
We'll look for consolation in other bodies, but t is useless
We will feel secret pain
You must know it –
I will leave for you the best place in my mind
Garden of my heart was grabbing
As every hair
As sun that losing
I every-time wait for you in this town
Thinking that some day you will back
Hey, love, be care with you
Be care with you, the most love!
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Marix GrobbelaarMarix Grobbelaar    الأثنين, 31/10/2011 - 13:25

Thank you so much - I try learning Turkish
this is helping a lot because the google translator cannot translate sentences.
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GuestGuest    السبت, 19/01/2013 - 21:02

Nice job with the English translation:)