Tirano (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم


Investor, don’t insist on changing my point of view.
I’ve already got a list of opportunists with artists.
I’m not gonna dress how you want me to dress
to be in magazines; I’m not materialistic.
You know it; I've already told you in a song:
I’d rather use a microphone than fill myself with silicone.
I'm not a cardboard cutout. Listen carefully:
I’m standing my ground. I’m not gonna sing Reggaeton,
Nor superficial songs that don’t edify or contribute a thing:
That entice girls to get pregnant.
I’m not taking part in that sick vicious circle,
that nowadays has the world’s morals on the floor.
Don’t be ignorant. Hold it, 'cause spicy heat is needed now.
I'm going ahead, the serpent kills itself for the thinker.
Listen carefully sir, dressed in a suit and tie,
I’m not gonna turn my rap into cheap merchandise.
The system that always represents the same scheme,
well, I’m not falling into it; It’s not my problem.
The problem is that you take advantage of the have-nots,
and since they’re in need, they accept, knowing it’s not in their best interest.
Millionaire businessman, I don't care about your salary, to the contrary,
My rap is primary, not your phony wardrobe.
You need to put your comments away
You may not have the balls, but I do have my ovaries.
Respect that I won’t sign so you can stick me in a drawer,
and I know I should forgive you up to seventy times seven times. 1
I've rapped since I was little and recorded myself on cassette.
You can't real me in 'cause I don't care about you or your money.
I won't play the fool; I don't do drugs; I'm not Katira;
I don't sing like Beyonce nor dance like Shakira.
I'm a rapper! And, if you'd so prefer those outside,
well tell those outside to sign on to your label.
I'd rather keep my dignity and stay broke
than be trapped and play the clown for your record label.
I want serious rappers to be respected much more,
the serious ones that work from one January to the next.
Yes, we want support and also to be heard,
but not to deliver the message that you've laid out.
You want me to stop being explicit, to sing more softly,
'cause you say it's key to record serious pure trash.
The media doesn't support me,
but the streets back me up in the heights and in the prisons serious people that identify with reality
and that have the character to listen to pure quality.
I'm not selling out; I'll keep protesting.
You don't provide. You take. It bugs me and stinks.
I'm happy and free and you can say what you want.
I'm a rapper, a real one and rap my way.
"According to your point of view
I am the villain
The vampiress in your story
the great tyrant"
  • 1. a reference to Matthew 18:21-22
δωρεάν ελάβετε δωρεάν δότε
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The song ends with part of La Gran Tirana by La Lupe



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roster 31    الثلاثاء, 28/08/2018 - 16:37

He entregado una versión en la que los versos tienen cierta estructura.

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Thanks. I'll transfer this over when I'm not working from my cell phone. With my vision, I need to work from PC.

roster 31    الأربعاء, 29/08/2018 - 12:21

I think that "la serpiente se mata por la pendiente", means something like "the serpent kills itself down the hill/slope".
Does it make any difference?

ϕιλομαθής    الأربعاء, 29/08/2018 - 12:44

Maybe that's the metaphor / image she was going for. I changed it. Thanks  Regular smile