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Hi, I'm from Serbia and I'm Lazar Alabić in Serbian Latin or Лазар Алабић in Serbian Cyrillic. I really like adding artists and songs and translating the lyrics in many different languages and chatting with other users, but I can't do that anymore because everyone else thinks I wrote too many bad stuff and I got banned, but I actually wrote some stuff that I think I should. First, I told them who are the members of One Direction even if nobody asked because I just wanted them to know how I know that and I didn't know that they already know that. Then, I told them that there are many different female people who can make cum get out of my pp if they are illegally dressed and Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time is one of them because she wears a tank top in the episode "Something Big" even though that's inappropriate because I just wanted to tell them that I keep the images of that in one tab on my phone while I use this website, Lyrics Translate, on the other tab, but I actually just spammed even more. I also told them why I was doing that, but then they thought that I was just doing that even more. I also told them that they shouldn't hurt my feelings because I'm left-handed and every left-handed person in this world is sensitive, you've just never seen anyone else who is that because I'm the only one around here who is that. Then, I was going to do just one harmless prank by saying some words in Serbian Latin which are "kure, kurac, govno, jedi govna, jebote, jebi se, pička, pizda, sranje, marš bre u jebemli ti pizdu ti matorčicu, ima puno ženskih osoba koje mogu da nateraju da mi izađe sperma iz kurca ako su ilegalno obučene i Princeza Žvaka iz Vreme Je Za Avanturu je jedna od njih jer ona nosi majicu na bretele u epizodi "Nešto Veliko"" or Serbian Cyrillic which are "куре, курац, говно, једи говна, јеботе, јеби се, пичка, пизда, срање, марш бре у јебемли ти пизду ти маторчицу, има пуно женских особа које могу да натерају да ми изађе сперма из курца ако су илегално обучене и Принцеза Жвака из Време Је За Авантуру је једна од њих јер она носи мајицу на бретеле у епизоди "Нешто Велико"" so they can see what they mean in Google Translate which you can also do right now, but then they saw that those were a lot of curse words! If you chat them in Roblox, they will get hashtags in every language except that one because it, Croatian, and Bosnian are Balkan languages and the only ones in this world that people who are from countries where they speak English don't understand, and they, Macedonian and Slovenian are also Yugoslavian languages. I don't want contents to stay purple instead of blue forever once we search them, and I don't want it to say that they are edited.

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