Trula Visnja (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

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Rotten Cherry

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My lipstick fell out of my purse on the ground
from the shock of seeing you lie beside her
my last bit of hope that
I was dreaming all of this shattered
Then, out of malice
my courage broke
I fell, I fell at dawn
I couldn't endure it any longer
now people may erase my name from the birth registry
on the spot where I fell
a tiny stain remains
it's like someone has stepped on a rotten cherry
I cursed her out and pushed her
the only way I can, femininely
but that hate filled gaze of yours killed me
and it threw me against the ground
You sell-outs may rejoice
you're made out of the same cloth
I was the girl who shone
and raised herself next to the stars
now I crawl here in front of you
and her, me, that same girl
With long broken nails
and torn up stockings
I don't fit together
with that same girl anymore
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Trula Visnja

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