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yoyo~ check it out~ oh~
究竟我自己係邊個? 連我自己都唔清楚!
地下裡匿喺黑暗游走 懲治我身份的一個人
暴力裡展開新嘅人生 你早已把所有所有都拋諸腦後
摩托穿梭每個街頭奔馳 轉個轉角拼寫我街頭既故事
燈紅酒綠既夜 周圍既狼虎視住你 一舉一動問住你跟住尾
你選擇反抗定係逃避 佢地要做你就做你 跟本冇講道理
必須用你拳頭對抗到尾 呢支鎗係我手上我不向生死
匪幫用暴力去創造亂世 但警方既力度未控制到佢地亂黎
我惟有以暴力制暴力 制造出一條灰色既軌道 飾演一個臥底
但幫規 立心你指證餓鬼
我既身體身世開始不受控制 慢慢我既所有已經變成一個謎
黑同埋白夾係中間就係灰 灰色既天空我生活得好攰
黑暗既社會定係光明既炮灰 只得一個人走冇人會理會
我問我自己係警探定係罪犯 過唔到聽晚點樣破滅罪患
我曾經真實犯罪冇諗過返去 因為唔出賣靈魂冇錢畀關稅
身為臥底釜底抽薪靠拳頭 要搏鬥避免唔到爛腳損手
未搵到罪惡既源頭我係唔會走 因為光明蒞臨之後佢會帶我走
唔做骯髒大盜踏上康莊大道 唔受靈魂既買賣唔受錢銀擺佈
可以用我自己既身份走上街道 踏上自由旅途 走出我自己既路
地下裡匿喺黑暗游走 (ah~地下遊魂)
懲治我身份的一個人 (究竟我自己係邊個?)
暴力裡展開新嘅人生 (ah~打出我嘅一生)
你早已把所有所有都拋諸腦後 (所有所有都拋諸腦後)
地下裡匿喺黑暗游走 (精氣神!)
懲治我身份的一個人 (警探定係罪犯)
暴力裡展開新嘅人生 (仲有我嘅拳頭)
ah~ 真實犯罪 peace~
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yoyo~ check it out~ oh~
"Who the heck am I?" Even I am not sure about it!
Hiding and hovering underground in darkness, a man who judges my identity.
Starting a new life of violence,You have already forgotten everything a long time ago.
Driving a motor car across the streets, I turn around at the junction and start writing my story。
At the night of a prosperous city, the gangster nearby stare at you,follow you and question your every single move.
Will you fight against them, or just run away? There ain't any reason for them to hunt you down but they like it.
You must fight with your fists until the end. Holding this gun in my hands, I can't just live or die.
The gangs used violence to create a city in chaos, but the police force can do nothing to suppress them.
"An eye for an eye", so I paved a way in grey, acted as an undercover.
But the rules of the Triad persuade everyone to reveal the names of betrayers.
Just like everything from mine is ruined by drugs.
My body, my personal background, they begin to be out of my hands. Eventually, everything related to me become mysteries.
What lies between black and white is grey. I am so tired to live under the grey sky.
Prefer a to live dark world,or sacrifice for the light,I walk alone. But no one cares.
Am I a cop or a criminal? How can I arrest the criminals if I am going to die tomorrow?", I asked.
I really committed crimes and I did not regret. This is because I can't gain the gang's trust and grant an access if I do not behave like them.
Being an undercover cop, I should stop the crimes with my fists. And I will definitely get injured in my battles.
I will not quit before I dig out the roots of the crimes, because, when justice comes, she will bring me along.
I will never be a robber doing dirty jobs. I will be on the road heading to a brighter future. No longer betray myself, no longer controlled by money.
Able to use my own, real identity to walk in the street, step on the road of freedom,pave my own way of life.
Hiding and hovering underground in darkness (ah~ an aimless spirit from underground)
A man who judges my identity (Who the heck am I?)
Starting a new life of violence (ah~ fight for my life)
You have already forgotten everything a long time ago (forgot everything)
Hiding and hovering underground in darkness, (Jing Qi Shen!)
A man who judges my identity (a cop or a criminal?)
Starting a new life of violence (and also my fists)
You have already forgotten everything a long time ago
ah~ crimes in reality, peace~
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تعليقات الكاتب:

1. The phrase "Jing Qi Shen" (Trad. Chinese: 精氣神) is a special term from Taoism. The group performing this song is named after this term. However, there should be no direct relation between Jing Qi Shen and Wei Shen.

2. The Chinese phrase "真實犯罪" has double meaning in this song. Besides meaning "crimes in the reality", it is the Chinese name for the video game series "True Crimes", which is what Sleeping Dogs originally called.

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