A Virgen Mui Groriosa (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

The So-Glorious Virgin

The so-glorious Virgin,
who reigns spiritually,
is jealous of those she loves
because she doesn't want them to sin.
It was in the land of Germany that some people wanted to renovate
that church, but they moved
the Majesty,1who was on the altar,
to a portico in the town square.
Therefore, a large group of boys once arrived there
and played ball. And there was a young man,
who dated, wearing a ring
given to him by a girl because they were close.2
That young man, really afraid of having his ring damaged by the ball
if he'd touch it, looked for somewhere which he could
place it; then he found a very beautiful image3
and put the ring on its finger and said: "From now I won't know anything
about the one whom I loved, because I really swear to God
that never before had these eyes of mine seen such a beautiful thing;
thus, from now I'll be one of your servants,
and I give you this very beautiful ring like a proof".
  • 1. Majesty = The statue of the Virgin
  • 2. Close = Sweethearts
  • 3. In this case, the word "image" means "statue"; that is, for Christian religions and beliefs, any kind of sculpture like that representing a person is an image.
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A Virgen Mui Groriosa

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