Vuoronumero (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

Queueing number

Real chick is made of sugar, strawberries. Chick from Helsinki is made of sweeteners and cafes
Only earnings in files, shaking hips. While some Fernandos are faking before them
Pig grabed the ham, don't blame the caveman, blame your overly tight jeans
Your cleavage, meh. Well I guess it doesn't matter. Mini skirt, me Tarzan and your name Jane
Why are you so quiet, they left a shard infront of your mirror for hangover morning
Shattered, flake tears. Stoned heart beats as a chunk
You lead them on and let them have it. 1 Over the threshold of pain the wifebeaters carry you
It's at variance as a racist and nigger. Beautiful, smart woman, Johanna Tukiainen 2
It's romantic when there's a fire in fireplace. I google your naked pictures
I look at the red hair. you don't even blush, even if you have changed, they bed-hop.
Many have taken advantage, because it looked good. Heart hasn't been filled.
Sad in your tight shirt, they only want your queueing number. (2x)
Next one is only a follower of the previous one. You're searching for company and by fooling around
you raise your chin and posture up. Luckily all unhappy are not dumb
Hey promiscuous, fly away now. At least didn't soften, no tenderness has built up
Petals have fallen off, faded, surrendered. Not enlightened at all
Miss X, searching for herself, lost ex to everyone but sexy.
Even as washed up, still so dirty, angry and above it all such a lovely woman.
Your feeling of closeness lasts only for a night. Nobody touches, you throw up, overeat.
You drop branch by branch, piece by piece and soon someone lifts you up from the bottom.
Mood has recovered. Little girl inside a woman's body has fallen in love, split mind.
Legs apart, bottom exposed, on her back on the bed, I'll only poke you with a stick.
Don't even think you're coming to my place. Your mouth and other places very busy yesterday already.
Problems under the surface, you cover them with powder. I throw you out into the rain, call you later, goodbye.
  • 1. there is a saying "Antaa ymmärtää mutta ei ymmärrä antaa" which means a girl lets guys understand she wants to have sex with them, but doesn't do it "doesn't understand to give it to them". in this song the girl does give sex xd
  • 2. Johanna tukiainen is a horrible "celebrity", look from google
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