Wenn es um Liebe geht (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

If It's about Love

I can't see a single one of their soldiers on the battlefield
Only their knaves and servants standing in the distance
They've grown afraid of an overwhelming undercount
Of magniloquent street poets
No force in the world can keep us down
Behind us is the valley of tears
And damn, no one will get condemned!
If it's about love to you, about peace to you
Then you will live
But if it's about winning in your personal wars
Then you will leave
The lusts are dragging us down deep, poor the man who's driven by them
We aren't invulnerable but we're still taking the pain
We have to make sacrifices to make sure we win this war
The cannon thunder has us deaf and numb
The shards of our minds scattered far and wide
But nobody can take from us
For what we stand, for whom we go
I can't sleep at night, feel like I'm suffocating
It seems to me the world around me is disintegrating
Suddenly I awaken from these nightmares and dreams
I hear the sound of the police, I hear a woman scream
We have no option other than leaving in a coffin
The bodies dropping, somebody's shot and this world is rotten
I'm out here trying to make a difference
But I think righteousness is insignificant
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Wenn es um Liebe geht

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