Yángchūn Xiǎo Chàng (陽春小唱) (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)


Yángchūn Xiǎo Chàng (陽春小唱)

萬象更新又轉陽 滿洲好地方
拍拍手兒來來來 遍地黃金藏
你也喜來我也喜 吃穿無愁腸
來來來 太平鄉
大家攜手同唱歌 打鼓又敲鑼
招招手兒來來來 滿洲好山河
你也樂來我也樂 開發財寶多
來來來 慶協和
天朗氣清微風和 踏青快樂多
點點頭兒來來來 楊柳枝婆娑
你也笑來我也笑 進展快如梭
來來來 莫錯過
紅男綠女集街頭 都說好滿洲
擺擺手兒來來來 新式大高樓
你也住來我也住 此樂復何求
來來來 祝千秋
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Song of the Spring

All things in nature are renewing and converting, land covered with great places.
Hands clapping, come, come, come, gold hidden throughout the land.
You are happy, I’m also happy, eating and living without worries.
Come, come, come, peace in the village.
Everyone holding hands and singing, beating drums and hitting gongs.
Hands waving, come, come, come, land covered with great mountains and rivers.
You are joyful, I’m also joyful, lucky and very wealthy.
Come, come, come, celebrate peace.
The sky is clear, and the wind is gentle, stepping on green grass how blissful.
Head nodding, come, come, come, the willows are dangling.
You laugh, I also laugh, progressing fast like a shuttle.
Come, come, come, don’t miss out.
Men in red and women in green gathering on the streets, all saying the land is bountiful.
Hands swaying, come, come, come, new style buildings.
You are living, I’m also living, this happiness what more does one ask for?
Come, come, come, wishing for a thousand years.
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Lyrics translation by Vanilla Cupcake

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Everything is great, but the translator needs to google 滿洲