Ya Samt - يا صمت (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)


O Silence!

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O silence scream for a minute
my eyes are blind my eyes
let me hear the sound of truth
this is poetry this is her
this isn't me who is facing her
holding her hand and singing for her
and I was the one to meet her
on the same bench I used to meet her and sing that same song
O silence scream for a minute
my shame in front of my soul, in front of my eyes
she was the torch of my way, the happiness of my years
how many times my heart said slow down, she's a player be careful form her
she is closer to you than I am
O silence scream for a minute
I wish my soul would've gone up, if my heart stopped
and I haven't seen the one who I gave my soul to betraying my love
how hard it is the one my heart desires gets to take its last breath with her hands
O silence tell me this isn't her
O silence scram for a minute
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it may sound corny because it is almost translated word by word.. but I did my best ! Regular smile

Ya Samt - يا صمت

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