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ياشايفين انفوسكم (Ya Shayfeen Anfoskom) (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

  • الفنان: Assala Nasri (أصالة نصري, Assala Mostafa Hatem Nasri)
  • الأغنية: ياشايفين انفوسكم (Ya Shayfeen Anfoskom)
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ياشايفين انفوسكم

ياشايفين انفوسكم تعلموا منه
شوفو اذا شافني وشلون يتواضع
يكبر بعيني حبيبي واعترف انه
غير حياتي وقبله كنت انا ضايع
ان غبت عنه حبيبي يشغله ظنه
وأذوب لما يقول اش فيك يا قاطع
مافي احد بالمحبه يشبهه لانه
مايمنعه عن وصالي ظرف او مانع
هواجمل الناس في عيني وانا منه
اللي أيلا منه حكى الكل له سامع
الله يهنيه فيني وفيه انا اتهنا
هو نجم عمري اللي فوق السما لامع
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For whom they have seen our soul

For whom they have seen our soul, please learn from us.
Look, if he sees me, how humble is he.
My love; He is growing up in my eyes, and I admit that,
He changed my life, and before I met him, I was in lost.
My love, If I were absent from him, he will occupy himself with thoughts.
And I melt when he says to me, why are you absent so long; what is wrong with you.
No one in love is like him because
There is no circumstance or obstacles that prevent him from communicating with me.
He is the most beautiful person in my eyes, and I am part of him.
And when he starts talking, everyone listens to him.
God bless him for me and preserve his love for me
Because he is the star of my shining life in the highest sky.
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