Zendegi kon (Paadari) - (زندگی کن (پادری (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

Live (Paadari*)

let go of your sorrows
appreciate these moments of yours
i swear to God these days and nights won't come back
the one who looks for sorrow loses
where are you my dear? let go of sorrow
spend your time for your heart just for a moment
your heart is pure like a crystal bowl
when you're happy, heart's house is source of light
enough with this sorrow and oh God! enough with this mourning
God hasn't created any day for being sad
your life is a miracle presented by God
don't waste it, God hasn't created any day for being sad
what's the problem with being happy and smiling all the time?
i don't want to see your eyes crying and upset
every day is a new chance for you
every day (which is created by God) is full of hope ('s light)
look we're happy, and look at the birds that are happy only with just a few millets
What a pity if you be upset, why crying? cause it's not worth it
why do you think your memories are like Yalda night*?
all the happiness of the world is with us only for a few days
(Living in) the world is short like this song
if you don't hurry, you'll find yourself at the end of the road
we have nothing to say
other than (this) : come and live my friend
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* Name of a TV series, This song is its soundtrack
* The longest night of the year, why do you think you live long?


Zendegi kon (Paadari) - (زندگی کن (پادری

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