Üşüyoruм (превод на Английски)


feeling cold

Today, I have a feeling of exuberance deep within
all fidgety missing far faraway places
eyeing the granite stoned walls
flinging the windows of my imagination open
feeling blue like a soft breeze
flowing through the thymus flavored valleys
roaming in the country of doves
searching for the head of a fountain
I leave myself within the tall grass
In the middle of that aroma exuding from the mint leaves
is where I want to rest my soul
everything is set to remembrance
as the chamomiles smiling at the day
my hopes rise like a prayer
running through the prairies together with the sun
as y'all are plucking the starthistles
I want to lay beside the fountain head
tranquil full of peace
I'm imagining eternity
Hey Master of Endlessness, I want to reach You
hold on windows don't shutter yourselves
don't block my sun
concrete is cold, I'm chilled to the bone...
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çeşme - is a traditional fountain, usually built/donated to the community...the head of this "çeşme" has a dedicating plaque.

zikr - remembrance, mantra as practiced in Islam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taJPOaNsGQU#t=699

Gün is the word for day in Turkish therefor Güne is; at the day
Güneş literally translated means days significant other, however Güneş is the word for sun
Starthistle are common in the Mediterranean region and are referred to as prophet flowers in turkish
on a personal note
anyone who's visited Turkiye knows the location of the country of doves

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