Černý myslivec (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

The Black Gamekeeper

Horrible times, dusty road, a spoilt and daring girl walking on it.
Born dumb, she always wanted more than she could afford,
she has always been unwanted and lonely.
Shy on the outside, wicked lust under her eyelids,
all her body openings covered with what her fallen desire has produced.
I'll lick the sin off your wound,
before our love rots away
we'll profane the cross together
and piss on the hosts.
Floozy, pinafore, scapular,
touch, smell, come closer!
Come closer and spread your legs,
lick my hoof and inhale the smother,
take a knife and stab a deer doe with it,
drink its blood and behave devotedly,
Take the last sip,
dip my quill into the monster's blood,
sign the ancient parchment down there,
animal blood dripping on the jacket.
She clenches her fists and teeth, hardens up her heart,
bleeds her child by the wayside shrine at crossroads.
She's in trance and dances around as the hole opens
and the black gamekeeper jumps out of it.
He touches his moustache lewdly and asks a direct question:
Could I stick my glowing johnson into your cursed cunt?
I'll lick the sin off your wound...
Dark night, cry and helplesness, dark past, one last possibility remains,
godlessness is a possibility, so beg me,
the beauty of the body comes first, sell your soul to the devil forever,
beg for obsession and get on the saddle.
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Černý myslivec

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