Šedesátiny (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

The 60th birthday

Sometimes, in the evening, I muse on the old times,
When metal used to hit me in its pure form,
My ear was a container for brisk guitar riffs,
Today, it merely stings me.
I suspect, there is the demon of aging behind it,
who enforces the change in the course,
I doubt anyone can change that,
When suddenly - an anniversary is here!
The 60th birthday of the Lord Umbrtka,
Will be celebrated in the factory,
In the spirit of a coal miners' festivity,
The 60th birthday - the excavators shine through the night,
The lords of the work lower their eyes,
And sweep people under the drop hammer,
The 60th birthday of the nuclear industry,
Industrial companies,
Prachmatical constructions,
The 60th birthday - recruitment of new experts,
Respect for the Lord of the Expansion,
Black mass in the coking plant
Loonies reckon they're free in the silence,
The silence of the cages is nothing but an ornamental lie, though,
Smooth hands of the days hold and poison us,
The ashes disappear in the corn sprouts,
The Lord opens the factory's gate
loud and sharp sound the musical jewels,
My faith in metal is coming back, I /make a drain/
Here's a space for chorus
The 60th birthday
Ivo dragged me from my misty state of mind,
The helmsman turns the barge's helm sharply to the left,
The Lord's grey hand rubs me once again,
The distantness of the metals calls me,
He gave us crowded streets and the know-how,
The devoted ones as well the ironical fellows,
Shall shed a thankful tear
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Umbrtka: Топ 3
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