Брошенный богом мир (превод на Английски)

превод на АнглийскиАнглийски

A World Abandoned by God

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Gold has turned black, crammed a room
The city is crammed.
The world is one big damned prison.
The summer is cold, (we) dance in the cold. 2
Who’s on the line?
The wire’s gone dark.
Just silence.
Don’t glue splinters together,
Don’t let the darkness fade away,
Watch as the wolves spawn
from stray dogs. 3
Shove your head into the television,
Wear holes into your couch. 4
You are already posthumously forced to do so. 5
In a world abandoned, abandoned, abandoned by God. 6
Bolts become trinkets, wolves become friends, 7
Who were you, and who were you not?
Go figure it out.
Either become a sheep,
Hook up with a candle,
God will be with you today like a fig leaf,
There is no need for worry,
Time does not go backwards,
Exactly at midnight, scores upon scores will leave, 8
But it isn’t about this,
I want so much, just to live
Just to throw a ray of light into this
world abandoned, abandoned, abandoned by God.
  • 1. Hectic makes sense, to me it sounds like he is saying it is a hectic mess
  • 2. I’m assuming he means we. This line makes no sense in English.
  • 3. I heard Moscow has a stray dog problem….and I kinda want to live in Moscow where I commute on a train with a wolf. That be cool
  • 4. There are a lot of ways you can interpret that.
  • 5. This was a weird line to translate, so if I could have a native I’d be happy for this one
  • 6. I like how I interpreted it but I’m certain someone will object, it isn’t living if someone doesn’t object to you or your actions.
  • 7. Yet again, this song has a theme of being hard to interpret and translate into English.
  • 8. Help on this one too. Jesus this song is tough.
To me, music is a form of speech, and just like speech, music should be heard to all regardless of barriers in place. So by translating you're letting other people open up to a world that is alien to them, a world where many who listen to the Russian, German and French music I listen to, is not strange or weird because they do not understand what the singer is singing. By having translations music can share cultural and political ideas, or really just ideas, around without barrier, and allow for discussion over meaning and purpose instead of trivial pursuit.
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Note : I will usually NOT make duplicate translations, unless (like in this case) where I felt it was necessary. The first translation came out in 2015, and both are rough (no offense, they're both good, but could see improving). I like this song, but felt like the translation could use some polishing. I will not do this often, just wanted to put my version out there. I've done a lot of interpreting because translating this wasn't fun. A lot of it just doesn't make sense in English, and that leave me to interpret what he means. Enjoy