Polyushko-Polye (Полюшко-поле) (превод на английски)

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Field, field
Field, a broad field
Heroes are going through the field,
Hey, the heroes of Red Army
Girls are crying and
Girls feel sad today.
Beloved has left for a long time
Hey, beloved has joined to army.
Girls, look
Look at our road,
Our far way twists,
Hey, the joyful road.
We are going, we are going,
We're going and kolkhozes1are everywhere,
Ours, girls, kolkhozes.
Hey, and our young villages.
But we see
We see a gray cloud,
The enemy's animosity from behind the forest,
Hey, enemy's animosity, like a cloud.
Girls, look,
We are ready to meet the enemy,
Our horses are fleet-footed,
Hey, our tanks are high-speed.
In the sky behind the cloud
The menacing pilots watch.
Submarines float fast,
Hey, ships are on patrol.
Let a friendly work
running eagerly in kolkhoz,
Today we are watchmen,
Hey, we are on patrol today.
Girls, look,
Girls, dry your tears
Let the song breaks out stronger,
Hey, our warsong!
Field, field
Field, a green field
Heroes are going through the field,
Hey, the heroes of Red Army
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Polyushko-Polye (Полюшко-поле)

Eagles HunterEagles Hunter    нед., 25/12/2016 - 20:37

I think I don't need to make any corrections in my Arabic translation.
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