Polyushko-Polye (Полюшко-поле) (превод на английски)

превод на английскианглийски

Polyushko-Polye (Field-field)

Версии: #1#2
Field1-field, field, wide field
Heroes are riding by the field
Ah, [they're] heroes of Red Army
Girls are crying
It is sad for girls today
Darling has left for a long time
Ah, darling has left to the Army
Girls, look!
Look at our road
Endless road winds [curving]
Ah, this is a very merry road
{Riding, we riding,}2
{Riding, and [there're] kolkhozes around}
{[it's] our kolkhozes, girls}
{Ah, [it's] young our villages}
Just we are seeing
[we are] seeing grey storm-cloud
Enemy's hate from behind a forest
Ah, enemy's hate like a storm-cloud
Girls, look!
We are ready to meet enemy
Our horses are fastlegged
Ah, our tanks are fastmotored
{Rampant pilots are watching}
{for the storm-cloud in the sky}
{Submarines are floating quickly}
{Ah, Voroshilov is watching vigilantly}
Let it's boiling 3 on in our kolkhoz4
An amicable work
We are watchers today
Ah, we are sentinels today
{Girls, look!}
{Girls, wipe up your tears}
{Let our song sounds louder}
{Ah, our battle song}
{Field-field, field, wide field}
{Heroes are riding by the field}
{Ah, [they're] heroes of Red Army}
  • 1. 'полюшко'-diminutive form of 'поле', that has no equivalent in english (or I just don't know it).It could be something like 'fieldie-field'
  • 2. stanzas in between figural brackets are absent in original lyrics translation request. Some of them were extracted from song on late times due policy of govt
  • 3. means-high active
  • 4. collective farm
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Polyushko-Polye (Полюшко-поле)