Славное море, священный Байкал (превод на английски)

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Glorious sea, sacred Baikal,
Wonderful boat - this fish barrel.
Hey! Barguzin! Push me through the waters!
This lad hasn't far to go.
For a long time I wore heavy chains.
For a long time I wandered in the Akatiya Mountains.
An old comrade helped me flee,
I survived because I wanted to be free.
The towns Shilka and Nerchinsk frighten me no more.
The mountain guards failed to catch me.
The wild animals let me alone.
A bullet fired at me missed.
I travelled night and day.
I circled towns, always carefully on guard.
Women fed me bread,
Men supplied me with tobacco to smoke.
Glorious sea, sacred Baikal!
Wonderful sail! - my hole-ridden tunic.
Hey! Barguzin! Move those waves!
One can hear thunder claps resounding.
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'The third time's the charm' - perhaps!

Славное море, священный Байкал

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