Tai Oratai - โทรหาแหน่เด๊อ (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

Please Call

Please call
Do you remember my number?
I'll wait for
You to call me after work
I've got something to
Talk just between us two
The other day we met
There were too many people so couldn't speak.
I really trust you
So I dedicate myself to befriending you all this while
Confiding in you when distraughted
Other than my parents
You're my next shelter
Even though working far apart
My heart shadows you
Same old number, same time
Helps filling me up with (your) voice
Like vitamins
Building up immunity for loneliness
Haven't heard (your) voice
Means haven't eaten my meal
Thinking of you combines with loneliness
Sit staring at the mobile phone like I'm crazy
Please call
Press the numbers remembered by heart
With somebody close by
I fear you might forget the time
I've got something I want to ask
Keeping it closed up for too long I fear will exhaust my heart
Wait 'till you call
We'll discuss it between us two
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