奇跡の海 (Ocean of Miracles) (превод на английски)


闇の夜空が 二人分かつのは
呼び合う心 裸にするため
飾り脱ぎ捨て すべて失くす時
風よ 私は立ち向かう
行こう 苦しみの海へと
絆 この胸に刻んで
砕ける 波は果てなくとも
何を求めて 誰も争うの?
流した血潮 花を咲かせるの?
尊き明日 この手にするまで
風よ 私は立ち向かう
行こう 輝きを目指して
祈り この胸に抱きしめ
彷徨う 闇のような未来
風よ 私はおそれない
君を 信じてる歓び
嵐は 愛に気づくために吹いてる
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Ocean of Miracles

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The dark night sky, which separates us,
Begs our hearts, which call out to each other, to bare themselves.
Throw off your adornments! Only when you've lost everything
Will you be able to truly see.
O wind! I will turn and face you,
And head toward the ocean of suffering.
Even if its waves never stop breaking,
Our bond is etched into my heart.
What are you pursuing when you quarrel with someone?
Do you think that spilt blood can make flowers bloom?
Until I grasp a better tomorrow in my hands,
Until the day we can meet,
O wind! I will turn and face you,
And aim to reach the radiance behind you.
I will embrace the prayer I hold in my heart,
And wander, though the future be dark.
O wind! I am not afraid.
Love itself is the miracle I've discovered!
I will find my joy in the trust I place in you;
This storm blows that love may recognize me at first sight!
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uji nauji na    втор., 20/04/2021 - 20:31

It says 発売日 : 2002/3/1
"Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight" is 1998.
Mmm...I don't now. They are very close. May be they have some influences.

I think I have to redo this last sentence,
「嵐は 愛に気づくために吹いてる」
I think I interpreted wrongly.
But "Storm is blowing to remind us of love." sound good, doesn't it?

BlueBirdBlueBird    ср., 21/04/2021 - 04:46

The English writing on the picture (presumably DVD cover) says "Breaking the Waves" and on top of that "Lars Von Trier" (name of the director of the film).

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