K_onda - 空白期間~BLANK~ (превод на Английски)



疲れている顔 見るたび  何かあったのと聞くけど
無理して笑って君は 隠していた
けれども僕にはわかった 自分の弱さを見せずに
心配させずに 振る舞っていること
少し甘えてもいいから 気を遣わなくてもいい
僕はいつでもいいから 君の気持ち次第さ
今はすぐに寝るくらい 疲れているから
でもその時が来たら もう一度確かめよう
君には 僕が頼りないっていうこと?
大丈夫の言葉聞いても 僕には信じられない
いつでも頼って欲しいんだ 僕にはそれが一番嬉しい
無邪気そうな顔して 眠る君を見ている
満ち足りた表情 とは少し違う
打ち明けてくれる日 その日まで我慢
僕はいつでもいいから 君の気持ち次第さ
今はすぐに寝るくらい 疲れているから
そしてその時が来たら その日は寝かせない
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превод на Английски

Blank Period ~BLANK~

Every time I saw how tired you were, I'd ask you if everything was ok
You ignored me and smiled, hiding it.
But I knew, not showing your own weakness
Not making anyone else worry, that's what you wanted
It's ok to complain, and it's ok not to worry about other people
I at least have the confidence that I could make you happy
I'm always ok, so it depends on how you feel
Like when you're so tired you're about to fall asleep
But when that time comes, I'll check again
That we're not keeping secrets from one another
If we're together, it's normal that we should be able to trust each other
Does this mean you think I'm unreliable?
Even if I hear you saying you're ok, I can't believe it
I want you to rely on me, that would make me happiest
I watch you as you innocently go to sleep
With a contented expression, but not quite
So I'll wait, until the day you open up to me
And when you tell me I'll be able to answer
I'm always ok, so it depends on how you feel
Like when you're so tired you're about to fall asleep
And when that time comes, we'll stay awake
And I'll tell you how I really feel
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