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1030 That Such have died enable Us (превод на руски)


1030 That Such have died enable Us

That Such have died enable Us
The tranquiller to die —
That Such have lived,
Certificate for Immortality.
  • That Such:

    The dead body

    -- Also reminds me of preparing a dead body before the wake (or visit in the church) for funeral, bringing the corpse to a very serene state, like being alive but sleep, for family and friend's last visit. Could also point to taxidermy or mummifying.

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1030 Тот, Кто - Смерть принял

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Тот, - Кто Смерть принял,
дал веру нам спокойно умирать.
Тот, - Кто Воскрес -
Закон Бессмертья доказал.
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