Rafet El Roman - Bana Sen Lazımsın (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

u are my need

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it wants neither autumn nor roses
this heart only shiver in you
dont stop,burn
this ashes are yours
it waits neither summer nor winter
this heart misses only you
hit,dont stop
these tracks are yours
you are required to me
to searching consolation is comes to hard
after darlings who left
heart is like all in pieces
my body is mess up
while you were going
my tears is neither first nor last
only everything was lived untimely
l understood that my life was late for you
meesing up
putting aside everything which we lived
l am throwing myself to nights
for consoling in other darling
creeped this heart from hand to hand
you are required to me
bana sen lazimsin
bana sen lazimsin
bana sen lazimsin
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Bana Sen Lazımsın