Beni de Gör Yarabbim (превод на Английски)

превод на АнглийскиАнглийски

my god, see me too

my fate has digged a blind hole
it cant get out of it, nobody can
how could i know, there would be seperation with you
not any love can be remedy for my heart
how i get burnt on the day you went
how i took this
i became runabout after you
i strolled around on your street
my god, see me too
see and look in which situations i am
because of one of your human beings who is unfaithful
i am in trouble, in sorrow
i loved so much, i am in sorrow
i thought of you my soul, i added you to my heart
i did the biggest mistake with you
you are my witness my god, i died for thousand times
i split my loving heart into thousand pieces
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Beni de gör yarabbim
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Beni de gör...
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