Rovena Stefa - Dasma (превод на Английски)



Ne dasmen time
TI zemra ime ,
eja e mos vono.
Ndonse na ndan bashk nuk na lane
trego se ende me do .
Eja ne dasem eja,
UNE te pres tek dera ,
dhe nese pyet per ty dikush
do te them se je krushk.
Ref..Bini o ju tupana ,hallin o kush s'ma dine
keep playing drums, no one knows my problem and grief
the one that i wanted (loved) today is near to me (like close to me but not mine)
keep playing drums, keep drumming just for me
the one that i loved, i'm not allowed to love from (today on)
Пуснато от ullisss в Пет, 01/01/2010 - 00:00
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The Wedding

at my wedding
you my sweetheart
come and don't be late
even though they separated us, they didn't let us be together
tell me you still love me
come to my wedding come
i'll wait for you at the door
and if someone asks about you
i'll tell them you are from (the grooms wedding party)
Ref..Bini o ju tupana ,hallin o kush s'ma dine
ate qe e desha une sot e kam karshi.
Bini o ju tupana ,bini o veq per mua
ate qe e desha une sot skam drejte ta dua.
Пуснато от Balkaneuro в Пет, 01/01/2010 - 00:00
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