Zeichen der Zeit - Du bist nicht allein (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

You are not alone

When the days get shorter
And the wind blows from north
When the laughter has died away
And you stand at the window
When the arms (of the clock) sound louder
And it runs through your hand
When the happiness was like a summer
You could not hold
Calm down
I listen to you
I can be here with you
You don’t have to feel cold anymore
(You don’t have to) move on anymore
Here you’re not alone
While others get their swords out behind your back
We build golden bridges out of golden pieces
And fill the gaps with the happiness of the redeemed ones out the hand of the biggest
No matter what comes, no matter who goes, (no matter) which fronts are still there tomorrow
We build the walls of love
With sound we’ll outlive Babylon’s power
When your heart cannot sleep
Because the longing longs for the longing
When you are finally here
But you feel that you have to go on
When the north wind searches for you
And asks you if you want to go with him
And you have to decide
Where your love is
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