Nurit Galron - השיר על הארץ | Hashir Al Ha'aretz (превод на Английски)


השיר על הארץ | Hashir Al Ha'aretz

Bou nashir et hashir hamtoraf shel haaretz
Bou nashir et hashir hatzahov shel hachol
Yachfanim mithalchim leorka ulrochba shel haaretz
Veosim ita ahava anashim porkey ol
Eyfo haaretz hahi shekar’u la ktantonet
Eyfo ota ahava megolelet bechol
Anarchistim holchim badrachim leoram rak kutonet
Uboeret esh berosham shesorefet hakol
Tnu li lashuv el ota hapina hanidachat
Eyfo otam hachayim im simchat hapashtut
Tnu li milim azuvot mangina nishkachat
Lehotzi mibeyn hakotzim kraim shel yaldut
Tnu li lashir et hashir hachole hakodeach
Meohav vezaruk amiti bli zehut uzchuyot
Tnu li lachzor badrachim hacholot ahava layareach
Shuv lachzor lalechet yachef al shivrey zchuchiyot
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Hashir Al Haaretz

Let us sing the crazy song of the land
Let us sing the yellow song of the sand
Vagabonds walk the length and width of the land
And make love with it, rebellious rogues
Where is that land that was called “little one”?
Where is that love, rolled up in sand?
Anarchists walk the trails, only a shirt on their backs
And a fire burns in their minds, consuming all
Let me return to that remote corner
Where is that life with the joy of simplicity?
Give me abandoned words, a forgotten tune
To extract from between the thorns torn pieces of childhood
Let me sing the mad feverish song
A true unrefined lover with no identity nor rights
Let me return through trails lovesick over the moon
To once again walk upon shards of glass barefoot
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Hashir 04    Срд, 29/09/2010 - 22:37

Hi my name is Daniela and when my baby was come my housband and me decided named Hashir, but really we don't know why. I read the name in the Bible but didn't write like that and my housband say that Hashir like that. So I want to Know if you can help me what is the meaning of Hashir?
Thank you somuch

RudyG    Втр, 17/01/2012 - 04:58

Hashir mean "The Song". Can also mean "The Poem". The word Shir in Hebrew means Song or Poem. When you put Ha in front, you make it definite so it becomes "The Song".