Ivan Mikulić - You are the only one

  • Изпълнител: Ivan Mikulić
  • Албум: Eurovision Song Contest Istanbul 2004

You are the only one

Once again just hold me
Let me feel you breathe
Softly kiss me on my face
Love is all I need
Lonely moments, years
Nothing before you
Finally you’re here
Our love is true
Hold me once again my dear
Let your passion take me
In my heart there’s harmony
When you’re close to me
Even in my dreams
I really need to feel you
Forever we’ll be one
Our love is true
You are the only one
Our love is timeless
When you are by my side
I’m truly blessed with
With only happiness
I have to got someone
Someone of my own
A part of me
Who lives for me
Who would die for me
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