Daniel F - La travesia de tu ausencia (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

La travesia de tu ausencia

I used to be a brave guy
and now I'm afraid to be left alone the whole month of November
and I hold on to the things we did frantically
... with no mercy.
I used to be a pretty fierce guy
and now I'm face to face with your absence and I feel as though it were my last drink
and ghosts come out before me across the middle of the lake.
Now I'm somewhat demented
I brush myself off from the wind and observe attentively
and I crawl to the feet of some leaves that want to play
I want to be that druid, zahorí, a crumb with the soul of an elf
I want to be a prophet and to go on ... being ... your confidante
on that street so deserted and serpent-like.
I'm crawling as slow as molasses
around the pathways that interrupt the prayers of the last saint
of the last gestures made by the wizard before bewitching us
and embrace each other and not think of breaking up
and the thing is we were together
like the breeze that sways the first spell in autumn
I am surviving by the strength of time like a celacanto
I brush off my fate that flows like water from a fountain
I am the last one to talk about worlds that swim absently
I want to be that spellbinding lapis, a crumb with the soul of an elf
I want to be a prophet and to go on... being... the one who touches your forehead,
an elderly [man] against the wind.
I used to be a sensible guy
and I expected to hold this Earth accountable for that last pact
to go deep into your shore that today would rather be alone
oddly [enough] today you're very quiet
and the thing is you look as if you were asleep
on spaces cared for by nests from the aureolas
and I'm afraid to awaken you and that you'll end up vanishing again
the voyage of gently rubbing this insanity
never again was the spell undone, that old incantation is contagious
I was no longer worried while looking for that magical moment
I confirm my former promise
that you and I signed up in flames
I want to be that cat that still huddles up in your bed
and now I find good reasons
to always be alert and on the lookout
to be a prophet and to go on... being... the one who meows at your door
I communicate through your essence
through that crack that runs ajar
and that wants to dance, to dance, to dance, to dance, to dance
And now they surround the house
and I don't want to leave you here alone during this uncertain time
and at last they come in and and see us dining by candlelight
and talking about the world... and about the other world.
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