Lupi solitari (превод на английски)

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Lonely wolves

And don't get down if a love story finishes
it will be just one more blow
another test for the heart
A reason more to go back and search for someone who
is our real other half, because it is somewhere [to be found].
We are all searching for love
lonely wolves with a big heart
clung to the wings of illusion
searching for emotions, free prisoners.
And don't think about it, there's enough time for remembering up there
life doesn't end here and then the heart knows how to mend
And there will be another story, without knowing if it will last till tomorrow
real stories of us all, that never end...
...we are cubs that play and hurt each other
that make mistakes so many times, but in the meanwhile they grow up...
...We are all looking for a place in the sunlight
lonely hearts but with so much love [inside]
holding on to dreams and illusions...
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Lupi solitari

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