Siddharta - Napalm 3 (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

Napalm 3

away from people
the city is withouth lights
to the heaven
our footsteps were drawn by dance
and i'm drinking hope
but what, because heart is burnt
and you, something is in you
what I always liked
but everything just seems so
and there i'm going alone
look, the sky is burning
and there i'm going alone
look, above me 1000 lights
they are all just for decoration
smoke of old photos is carrying the pain of light days
air is getting soft
but the step is more and more hard
and me, like I need her, thoughts are turning my body
and where are you? There I see you again how you're running into my arms
just that there's no fence between us
it cannot be true!
look, above me the city is floating
and there I'm going alone
look, the day is coming
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Siddharta: Топ 3
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