Yally Mashy (превод на Английски)


Yally Mashy

oh the one who is leaving and forgetting...that i have hopesin your eyes
didn't you remember one thing about me that makes you come back to me again?
and the years i spent...are going by without counting
and the castles i built...were castles over the clouds
and the longing in my eyes...its eyes remain in the dirt
no and no...before you think about solding me out,bring someone who buys tortures
you,yes you,you're the one that went and didn't remember what you were forgetting while going
cause you're forgetting many things many you're forgetting a big love,big,big
you're passing by it as the dust of the fire
your heart is a sea with waves suffering in it
your honey is the most bitter things you leaked me with
Пуснато от larosalarosa в Пет, 01/01/2010 - 00:00
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