Aeria - Vom Wind (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

Aeria - About the Wind

The darkness falls
you don't know, how much longer the world will stay silent
the storm is over, it is the quiet that remains
The steps small, where could it be the way out
you search and search alone
you know the woods will not forgive your fear
Don't give up your heart
Aeria Aeria
Believe in a tomorrow
And the sun shows up
and drives out the shadows
then you will find the way home
Don't give up your heart
Aeria Aeria
stay hidden away
When the darkness is gone
then leave this place
take the way back home
Don't give up your heart
Don't give up your heart
Where you came from, where you were going
no longer matters, blown away by the wind
The light so bright, you know that the way is close
Made for just you, you run along it, on and on
But behind you awakens the dark forest
And with it the endless night
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Aeria - Vom Wind

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