After us, the deluge

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Идиоматични преводи на „After us, the deluge“

nach mir/uns die Sündflut (Sintflut)
после нас хоть потоп
Après nous le déluge

Meanings of "After us, the deluge"


also: "After us, the flood".
A French expression, attributed to Madame de Pompadour, the lover of King Louis XV of France. Meaning that one does not care what happens after his or her death.

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„After us, the deluge“ в текстове на песни

Die Ärzte - Madonna's Colon

Nach Uns Die Sintflut ("After Us, The Deluge") version

I would like to be Madonna's colon
'cause I'd always be well-fed

Julien Doré - Let April

In front of the open ground, promise me the most beautiful of harvests for tomorrow.
Into the middle of the desert we will go, my love, and we'll get away
After us the deluge, provided that, transported, we'll dance until dawn.

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - The Heralds

And we'll sing forever
One blood, one body, one spirit, one will
And after us silence<fn>might refer to "nach uns die Sintflut" ("after us, the deluge", an idiom meaning that one doesn't care about consequences that don't affect him/her directly)</fn>

Radiopilot - Photo Of You

A sentence for you, for this world
I like music, so far so good
And after us the deluge